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There is a significant overlap For the early 1946 lighters, two different base stamps have been identified.

This may have been caused by a greater pressure on the stamping machine, pushing further into the metal, so these could all be the same design, stamped with the same tool, but on different days.

It should be noted that styles H & I have only been found on steel lighters so the pressure of the stamping machine could have been increased to cope with the different material During the period above, there were a number of alterations made to the insert.

This era presents the most difficult lighters to date.

Whilst the base stamps my look similar there are a number of differences to observe.

I am sure that there are other base stamps out there that I have yet to see, and I have little doubt that there are factory dated lighters that do not fit the years I have shown.

If you do have a lighter that does not match my guide please let me know and I will update the information.

By looking at factory dated lighters we can make some assumptions that that the lighter was made either in that particular year or maybe the year before.

All the information on this page has been obtained from a study of these dated lighters.

Both the base stamps above were still being used and two others have been identified from this period.

The "O" of Zippo now sits almost perfectly above the "E" of Made, and the vertical line of the "B" in Bradford lines up with the vertical line in the second "P" of Zippo.

There is a double space (5 M) on line 3 Styles G, H & I are quite difficult to differentiate between as the placement is very similar.

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