Yahoo re ja o rangeele dandupalya yaar

Indpaedia volunteers have sometimes mentioned raags even when there is merely a hint of that raag in a song.

(‘Raag’ is frequently spelt ‘raga,’ while ‘taal’ is also spelt ‘tal.’) Wherever a taal has been mentioned, it is the one verified by Chandra, and sometimes the raags, too.

Alongwith suspense, there is a good dose of romance also in the movie which gets enhanced by the melodious songs composed by R. Burman and penned by seasoned lyricists like Anand Bakshi, Majrooh Sultaanpuri and Qateel Shifaai.

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Now Mohan and Naresh alongwith Satto who is still alive, starts digging the buried past related to Maadho's death and Paaro's going missing.

By hypnotizing Chandramukhi again, they now know a lot about the crime and the culprit.

Besides, her beau, Maadho had died even before her death.

Knowing that Mohan is none else but Maadho of the previous incarnation, Naresh seeks his help to cure Chandramukhi (who was Maadho's sweetheart Paaro in that birth).

the lead actors and the composer redeem themselves with a superb script and camera work as well as a chilling climax , with great performances from an ensemble cast and a hauntingly melodious soundtrack which will linger in your mind forever as will the powerful dialiogues and the moral ambiguity of this period is enhanced by some brilliant acting in the court room sequences ,the British raj and the period details of forties are painstakingly captured in the reincarnation drama director was a master storyteller and this is a marvel he has lovingly created , the lead actress looks and acts like a truly beautiful reincarnation and the locales are equally eye-catching in the eternal Himalayas , encore This movie is an interesting past life chilling drama.

Hema malini and Rajesh Khana play the part of lovers in their past life only to be reawaked by the Reincarnated Hema malini who unearths a dark secret.Maadho's sister, Satto (Aruna Irani) was her best friend and she was living happily with her father (Satyen Kappu) in a nearby village.Through this experiment and talking to Satto who is still alive, Naresh comes to know that she was raped and killed by someone.By meeting Chandramukhi frequently, Mohan feels himself as in love with her despite the fact that he is supposed to marry Karuna (Priya Raajwansh) who is a lawyer and the daughter of Mohan's godfather, Chaudhary Janak Singh (Raaj Kumar).When Mohan invites Chandramukhi and Naresh to a party thrown by Chaudhary Janak Singh (Raaj Kumar), she gets frightened like anything to see him and runs away with a terrible shriek.Naresh uses hypnotism and makes Chandramukhi to revisit the bygone phase of her life.

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