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Stilinski" this was reinforced onscreen by an MTV suggested hashtag #MStilinski.

In the Season 6 episode Superposition, Lydia's automatic writing of the word "Mischief" creates a word cloud image of the letters "S T I L E S." Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis says this is "a clue, it’s a definite clue" and "that word was not chosen randomly." In Blitzkrieg, his name is revealed to be Mieczyslaw which is a combination of the Polish words for "Sword" and "Glory." As a child, Stiles had trouble pronouncing his name and instead called himself "mischief" which his mother adopted as a nickname.

One second he is wearing another shirt - he then is seen wearing the ringer t-shirt - in the next shot he's back to his original wardrobe.

There is, as of the end of Season 3, no explanation for this phenomenon.

He is then possessed by a Nogitsune and wreaks havoc on his friends.

(Read More...) Stiles and Malia have become closer. (Read More...) He goes through an internal crisis of morals after killing Donovan.

Stiles' friendship with Scott nearly dies but they make up before the Dread Doctors' success destroys the town.

(Read More...) Determined to find a young boy's parents, Stiles encounters the Ghost Riders.

Early publicity for the show identified him as “Stan Stilinsky” as did the pilot cast list for “Wolf Moon” at IMDB.

During the episode The Tell, a very brief shot of his school records showed his last name spelled “Stilinski”.

\n\n","caption":"Anchors","link Href":"\/wiki\/File: Teen_Wolf_Season_3_Episode_13_Anchors_ringer_t-shirt.png","title":"Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 Anchors ringer t-shirt.png","db Key":"Teen_Wolf_Season_3_Episode_13_Anchors_ringer_t-shirt.png"},,]" data-expanded="0" This character’s name was, for years, the source of confusion and dispute.

In the Season 5 episode Ouroboros a student ID showed the name "M.

Stiles' life became more complicated since "dying" as a surrogate sacrifice.

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