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PRESLEY: Well, you know, my son, our son, does not want -- he doesn't want any attention. You know, he's going through his teenage years right now.

KING: Is it weird that one child gets all the attention and the other doesn't?

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And then Priscilla went on to become a big start herself.

Taking over the management of the Presley estate, she proved a shrewd businesswoman, turning his millions into billions with the sale of paraphernalia, tours of Graceland, recordings and other memorabilia.

Suzanne Finstad in her biography speculates that Priscilla met Elvis on 9/13/1959 in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

KING: And, so, he was saying he loves you, and they were telling you this is a teenage crush. Well, they didn't know how serious it was between us.

So I had him saying one thing to me and my parents telling me something else. They were both, my gosh, the Southern hospitality and very, very humble. But they met my parents and -- it was like the old-fashioned way, where they meet and they agree upon things together. KING: When they learned how serious it was, were they upset? My father, I guess it all really started after Elvis came back to the states. He soon moved in with her and ran his film company, Destiny Productions, from her house.On 3/01/1987, their son Navaronne was born in a drug-free 90 minutes attended by both Marco and daughter Lisa Marie. KING: And you know there's an enormous interest in you, your daughter and your late husband. PRESLEY: Well I'm with someone I've been with for, like, 18 years now. I mean, he's the Rock of Gibraltar and he's -- he's my confidant. PRESLEY: Right now, he's working on technology for the music industry. You know, I wrote the book, so I feel like this is old news.

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