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on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, it was announced Wednesday by CBS and Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants.It's still unclear when his replacement, Stephen Colbert, will take over the show, but Colbert is ending .

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In April 2014, David Letterman announced his plans to retire in 2015, and Stephen Colbert was named as his replacement.

“I just want to reiterate my thanks for the support from the network, all of the people who have worked here, all of the people in the theater, all of the people on the staff, everybody at home, thank you very much,” Letterman announced on-air to his studio audience.

He announced on his April 3 show that he planned to retire sometime in 2015.

A week later, Colbert was named as his replacement, with Comedy Central announcing that , CBS said.

Letterman is known for successfully keeping his romantic and private life under tight wraps from the media. He has also been romantically linked to comedienne/writer Merrill Markoe.

He then began a relationship with production manager Regina Lasko in the mid '80s.He is also known for his parody sketches that targeted the obviously weak acting abilities of his bandleader Paul Schaffer (and other members of The World's Most Dangerous Band), stage-hand Biff Henderson and general odd-ball Larry "Bud" Melman. He also founded his own production company, Worldwide Pants, that same year, which bought a stake in his new show.His displeasure with NBC executives was fodder for his monologues, and when they blocked him from transferring regular features of his show to CBS (claiming it was NBC's "intellectual property") that, too, was mocked on air.See more David Letterman's Career in Pictures "David Letterman has given to all of us a remarkable legacy of achievement and creative brilliance that will never be forgotten," CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said in a statement."It's going to be tough to say goodbye, but I know we will all cherish the shows leading up to Dave's final broadcast in May." Letterman will retire as the longest-tenured late-night talk show host, with more than 32 years helming NBC's roughly 22 of which were spent at CBS.In typical Letterman fashion, the recovering patient joked that "in addition to rerouting the arteries, they also installed an E-Z pass." Letterman's first post-op show aired on February 21, 2000, featuring Regis Philbin, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams (wearing medical scrubs) and eight members of the team who took care of Letterman during his stay in the hospital. 14 on their list of most powerful personalities in entertainment.

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