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Her willingness to share parts of her ordeal on TV made for compelling TV and garnered significant attention. ‘Good Morning America’: Morning News Race Heats Up Below, in a lightly edited interview, Robach talks about the “controlled chaos” of “GMA’s” set and how to balance personal disclosure with the need for privacy: You actually have worked at both programs.What do you see as the differences between the two shows?

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She was married to her ex husband Tim Mcintosh before the couple went through the process of divorce in the year 2009.

After that, she moved on with her life and later married Andrew Shue in the year 2010. She is not having any extra marital affair and is not dating anyone else. She has a total of two children (kids) and their names are Annie Mcintosh and Ava Mcintosh.

This isn’t something I ever expected to do…I felt a huge boost to know that I wasn’t alone, and the viewers let me know it, and I hope I helped them… I don’t want to dwell on it, [but] there are moments when, yes, here we are to remind people, to send a larger message. I never thought we would have a “Twitter mirror” or a “Spotify machine” in our studio…Today I used a verb in an interview with a band: ‘You’ve been Spotified this many times! It does change what we cover and how we cover things, what we say.

You realize when you strike a chord and when you’ve done something well and also don’t do something so great.

People get what they want to know in the morning and at the same time we get to kick back and have fun.

Having Michael Strahan takes it to a whole new level.Robach: Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was so chaotic. That’s really what happens and really shows the people at home – they get it, they know it, they see there is a real chemistry that bleeds over even when the cameras aren’t rolling.Do you have ratings on your mind as you are focused on the program? You went through a very public ordeal on “GMA.” How do you determine how much to share and what is not something you ought to be telling your viewers?Not that they don’t have fun on the ‘Today’ show, but it’s a whole new level.We’re doing a really good job of mixing up important news with the lighter moments.Robach: I’m the only person who went from being on a number-one show to being on a number-one show. It has been incredibly rewarding to have been on both shows.

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