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Moreover, in the past, the seeker’s “one and only” was likely to be found not far from where the seeker lived, as this required considerably less resources and effort than in the case of distant relationships.

Despite the above considerations, there are now increasing numbers of romantic couples who live at a geographical distance from each other. A commuter marriage is a relationship between people who are married and intend to remain so, but nevertheless live apart, usually because of the locations of their jobs, educational demands, and dual-career pursuits.

They travel regularly in order to be together, often on weekends but sometimes less frequently.

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When a person is detached from us, we are unlikely to have any emotional attitude toward her.

Distance typically decreases emotional intensity, as it is contrary to the involved and intimate perspective typical of emotions.

The importance of personal flourishing In his book, , David Schnarch proposes to distinguish between the other-validated model of intimacy and the self-validated model.

The other-validated model leads to the expectation of acceptance, empathy, validation, and reciprocal disclosure from one’s partner.

Love includes the wish to become as close as possible to the person we love.

Geographical proximity has indeed been considered essential to romantic love, one reason being that sexual interaction, which is part of such love, involves behavior such as fondling, caressing, kissing, and making love that necessitate geographical proximity.

This may affect the universality of the empirical findings concerning distant relationships.

The considerable increase in distant romantic relationships can be (at least partially) explained by referring to the increased value placed on personal flourishing in romantic relationships, as well as in marriage.

Thus, more than 3.5 million Americans live apart from their spouses for reasons other than divorce or discord, and their number is increasing.

Technologies, such as phone calls, videos, instant messaging, texting, and e-mails, enable direct and immediate communication that sustains a continuous meaningful romantic relationship despite the geographical distance.

This prevailing model involves profound dependency, in which a significant part of one's identity is based upon the other.

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