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you can contact support and see what is involved in downgrading to SE from EE.

validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g-65validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g-67

Thanks January 19, 2004 - pm UTC i gave you the abc's above? Should I create multiple fresh groups with (parent child ) tables ONLY and/or some other way? Should I create all indexes after the cut over and then run dbms_stat and/or any other way?

you can install oracle on linux and create empty tables, then create materialized views on prebuilt tables (use read only replication). b) put constraints etc on them (deferrable please, important for mview groups! What is deferrable constraint for in mv replication? I would very much appreciate your help in this regard. the major difference will be that a unique/primary key that is deferrable will use a NON-UNIQUE index, instead of a unique index for enforcement. Unique index enforement is the requirement for our application.

The above referenced document has all of the steps needed. o a user by user export allows for parallel operations.

If you choose the export/import -- here are some of the considerations: o a user by user export/import will not export things like the "create user" and system grants (eg: grant DBA, grant CREATE TABLE, etc) for each user. I can export many at the same time, import many at the same time. import previously exported database into new database. Thanks Tom, Maybe there was another element in the middle (until I didn't get my ocp, and asktom I didn't understood the need of the statistics as I do now).

Before kill user connection from the Solaris box, I would like most of the data to be replicated ahead of time and then migrate a few hours of the rest of the data across.

I would appreciate if you please show me how to achieve it.Otherwise, an alternative such as export/import should be used instead.Tom, What method oracle suggest to migrate the 7.3.4 to 8.0.5 . Full Export/Import If we use this option, what will be the chronological order import will create the objects while import on 8.0.5 ? User by User Export/Import If we use this option, What will be the order users for importing on 8.0.5 In either cases, what will all_objects 'view' contains? I would opt for a migration -- not a export/import if I could. I would only use an export import if i really wanted to rebuild the entire database.What Platforms Are Supported for Transportable Databases?Suitable target platforms can be verified by querying the view V$DB_TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM using sqlplus (connected as the system dba) on the source platform: If the intended target platform appears in the output, the Transportable Database process can be used to migrate the database.Comparing Export/Import to Transportable Database The supported way to accomplish this in prior releases of the Oracle database has been to export the data from the database on the old platform, create a new database on the new platform, and import the data into the new database.

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