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That just gives all of those icons down in your task bar plenty of time to load and call home for updates.You might also want to disable your antivirus program, but that's completely up to you.Plan on spending a little time here getting acquainted with the new security features in XP SP2.

part=dl-ad-aware&subj=dl&tag=top5 Once you have the latest version of your antispyware program, check for updates and then scan your computer. If you are running a software firewall like Zone Alarm or Sygate Personal Firewall, you may need to update your software firewall so that it will fully work with Windows XP SP2.

This usually involves downloading a simple patch that you can get from your software firewall’s manufacturer's website.

Finally, after you've installed XP SP2 and run Windows Update, point your favorite web browser to

This page contains dozens of handouts and videos covering topics such as configuring Internet Explorer's new pop-up blocker, using the new Windows Security Center, and so on.

If that happens, you're going to want to talk to someone who can help you un-kludge your computer.

You are always welcome to send me email asking for assistance, but I have to warn you that I get so much email that it is almost impossible for me to keep up.This page has links to some of the more popular Microsoft Knowledge Base articles to help you diagnose and fix the most common XP SP2 setup and installation issues. Chances are you aren't the first person to have this problem.And, if push comes to shove, you can always uninstall XP SP2 and roll back your system to that restore point you created back in step seven.You can find the instructions on how to do this at I hope this helps! Contents licensed to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. Microsoft today released software updates to fix at least five security vulnerabilities in computers running its Windows operating system and Office applications.Today also marks the planned end-of-life deadline for Windows XP Service Pack 2, a bundle of security updates and features that Microsoft first released in 2004.

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