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If you still cannot remove the View, there are probably one or more postings for it that you don't have rights to see or delete. The selected cover page has been moved to Deleted Items. The selected Cover page has been deleted on the server. Failed to find text off the TITLE subtag of the XML Element. Please \check the Stage As User name and password in the staging profile.Also check to make sure the Microsoft Content Management Server has this virtual path.Installing and configuring Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services integration with Share Point® services can be a complicated process; if the correct process is not followed, it can be easy to experience problems.

Click the Details button on the error message for this information.

The following messages can appear when working in the Site Builder.

You do not have sufficient rights to create Gallery. Please record and report to the appropriate administrator.

To remove this View, you must first delete all postings for it, and empty the Channels hierarchy's Deleted Items. Error while trying to get the children of an XML element. URL not registered with name mapper: Failed to connect to server, probably due to user authentication error.

The article starts with the initial installation of Reporting Services and ends with deploying reports and viewing reports from your Share Point site.

Each section of the document has a section for a specific error you can encounter, the troubleshooting steps, and the resolutions for the problem.

If Reporting Services is switched to native mode, part of the installation process is to create a Report Manager virtual directory, which is not deleted after the instance is switched back to Share Point mode.

This can confuse things if someone tries to use Report Manager after the return to Share Point mode.

Therefore, if you reconnect to the old database after you reinstall Reporting Services, the problem(s) you were experiencing before are likely to return.

This is also a very time consuming process because you have to install Reporting Services and then apply service packs and hot fixes to get back to the state you were in before you uninstalled the program.

Either this user id has not been assigned any rights on the current server, or it is an Active Directory user id.

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