Textbox validating event in vb net

I am trying to handle a Validating event on a textbox into which a user must enter a path either by typing directly into the textbox, or by choosing a browse button off to the right. However, if the user starts to type the path, then decides to browse instead (a likely scenario), the Validate event gets fired on the incompletely typed path in the textbox (before the Browse button's Click event, too, obviously).

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Adding your code to the User Control solved the problem. It saved me a lot of time after I encountered this problem.

Like others I'm sure, I tried creating a handler for the form's Closing event and then setting the event's property to false, but it did NOT do the trick. Cancel = Falseyou do this trick for all of the validating control events, then in the Enter Event of the Exit_Button that triggers before the validating event, you set the b Closing Form = true Then it trigger a cascading event and go to the validating event to perform the AND b Form Closing, and will jump to the elsewere you have the e.

For example, you may want to disallow certain characters or convert all lowercase characters to uppercase.

Keyboard events provide access to this type of functionality.

The first 128 characters (represented by 7 bits) are standardized and usually referred to as low-order ASCII characters.

The upper 128 characters are not standardized, although many well established character sets use all 256 characters. Unicode characters are a superset of the ASCII character set.

They are represented by two bytes, which allows a maximum of 65,536 characters.

The Unicode technology was introduced to allow easier representation of languages other than English, especially Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese, which do not have limited alphabets.

What was making it tough was the validating event was firing before any other event. *giggle* So I jigged up the following code: I tossed the above code at the beggining of my Validating event, typed a couple letters in the box, click the infamous (more famous than famous) Mr.

I searched google for some ideas and I came across the following snippet of code So, at my wits end, the only concievable way I could think of getting around this problem was knowing when the close event was coming up in the near future and then...*BAM! 'x', and the form closed (insert best Arny voice) IMMEDIATELY. We use a plug-in architecture to load User Controls at runtime. Cancel in the Validating event of a plug-in prevented the host Form from shutting down properly.

It also tells you if any modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, or Shift) were pressed and in which combination. The Modifiers, Key Code and Key Data properties are of type Keys.

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