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Customer asks what the condition of the undercarriage of said vehicle is like.After laughing and telling them that I didn't know because, as a salesperson, I'm supposed to look presentable and clean and do not have the time to crawl under and inspect the condition of the undercarriage of every used Jeep, the customer explains that my 'attitude' was costing me the sale and that he'd never do business with me, interrupting me while I was trying to explain to him that I could have the Jeep put on a lift and that I'd be happy to get him pictures of the undercarriage.

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la flamme et le plaisir dans votre couple grce au Kamasutra, vieux de plus de 2000 ans, qui vous permettra de dcouvrir de nouvelles manires de faire l'amour.

Grce cette vido, pntrez les secrets du Kamasutra, et initiez vous aux plaisirs ancestraux de la sensualit.

She picks out a $2 douche- Summer Fresh or something like that- and brings it to the counter. To say the store is badly organized is kind; it's not organized at all. Louis, Mo and I must say I am happy to be part of a blog that will let you get whatever you need to off your chest about the "wacky world of retail".

I do not even want to touch the product so I use a plastic bag to turn it over to scan the barcode. her debit card declines, she doesn't even have $2.13 to pay for her douche to clean up her nasty self. It's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside and she smells of cigarettes, urine, and just plain filth. I will not tell you where I work but I will say that I have sympathy for you all who are just frustrated and fed up with companies, policies and most of all customers.

What I have discovered is that while there may be thousands of different people, they generally all fit into just a handful of groups that are all very predictable, once you have gotten enough experience with them.

One of these groups is what I call, "Foodstampers".About half the time, when a person is walking up to the checkstand, I can guess correctly that they are going to be on foodstamps.Some of the giveaways are a combination of the following attributes:-They are covered in tattoos-They are dressed in dirty, poor-looking clothes-They are clearly exhibiting signs of someone on drugs-They are overweight, rail-thin, missing teeth, half or unshaven, or otherwise look unhealthy-They look like they haven't showered in a long time-They are often young to middle aged (It's very rare to see someone 70 years of age on foodstamps)-They buy extremely unhealthy, packaged, food that people who make their own money would not buy in such large quantities (Example: a shopping cart full of little debbies, potato chips, bakery goods, and hamburger helper)-They often seem to lack any gratitude for the fact that they are receiving their food for free-Often have a "negative vibe" about them I would say the majority Anonymous writes "Customer calls in on a used vehicle.She walks outside and stops approximately 6 feet from our front door, pulls down her shorts & underwear and proceeds to pee a river of urine into the parking lot. All the employees and customers were watching her and gagging. Now that I'm done, I finally feel free to write on here.My weak stomached coworker starts heaving into his trash can. Miss Frizzle comes back into the store after drip drying and goes to the feminine hygiene section. Immediately after that, I went and scrubbed my hands and arms to rid myself of her germs and memory." seafoam writes "Today was my last day at my job in a department store. At first I was just glad to have a job and be paid, but the longer I stayed and the more I became aware that the only one who'll pay for my college is me, I began feeling increasingly trapped.My first story took place when I was fairly new to the industry. He began to explain to me that he has an issue with his current toilet holding a lot water in the bowl.

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