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Copyright © 2013 European Association of Personality Psychology ABSTRACT: Previous research finds that ovulation—the time each month when women are most fertile—can shift women’s mating psychology and increase their desire for new options in men.However, might ovulation also increase women’s desire for new products?This article highlights the strengths and promise of speed-dating procedures, reviews some of their most exciting contributions to our understanding of the social psyche, and illustrates how scholars can employ speed-dating and its straightforward variants to study topics relevant to diverse subfields of psychological science.

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What is he getting himself into, wondered some of the colleagues of Willem Heiser, Professor of Methodology and Statistics at the Institute of Psychology.

In early 2013 Heiser submitted an application to the NWO Graduate Programme, completely side-stepping the fact that he will be retiring in 2014.

A Social Relations Model analysis confirmed that individuals prompted consistent positive emotional reactions in others.

Participants were more likely to want to see dates with greater positive affective presence again in the future, and positive affective presence explained the effects of perceived responsiveness on romantic interest.

Master’s students in Applied Statistics can compete for one quarter of the € 800,000 grant recently awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The students get to choose their supervisor via speed-dating.

Now it’s the turn of the master’s students to try and earn one quarter of the € 800,000 subsidy. To begin with, this academic year (2013-2014) the research master’s students are already following their elective courses or internship in at least two of the six participating universities: Amsterdam (Uv A), Leiden, Groningen, Leuven, Tilburg and Utrecht.

They will then select a thesis supervisor via speed-dating and a thesis topic during a Summer School.

The present study investigated the following: (i) whether affective presence influences others' romantic interest in a person and (ii) what types of people have positive and negative affective presence.

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