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The time and date are set automatically according to the time broadcast from the NIST government clock in Colorado, so there's no need to fool with it when the time changes.

The functions all make sense and are very easy to set, and the alarm setting as well as other other features are confirmed by voice. I was extremely disappointed, in the (low) volume of the speaking---which is very important, since it was for a blind person, who is also somewhat hard of hearing.

I had so many doubts and fears about dating because I had no clue how men would react to dating a visually impaired woman.

I like the fact that it automatically sets the time to the atomic clock. Setting the time is easy, as is activating the voice. The clock is never judgmental and never sighs and says, "It is one minute since you last asked the time." ... The visuals on this clock ARE hard to see, which I suppose isn't as bad since it's a talking clock, but for those who want to see what time it is, without hearing the voice, it's not very effective.

On the plus side, it seems well built and the long button on the top was easy for her to push. I purchased two of these clocks at different times, one for myself and then one for my grandmother, who has macular degeneration and absolutely loves this clock.

If you have Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataracts, or are otherwise visually impaired, you’ll be pleased to know that Low Vision Aids can help!

Low vision aids are also clinically proven to improve reading speed! Just as a carpenter needs a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers to complete different tasks, so too will someone who is visually impaired need a number of Low Vision devices to perform various activities.

This is the first thing I've ordered on-line and over all it was a good experience. We had to put my 94 year old grandmother into a nursing home.

She has very little sight in her eyes, so she is unable to read even the largest clock.

Days and time run together in a nursing home, and this clock sits right by her chair to make this a little more bearable.

About two years post-divorce I became visually impaired in a freak accident.

Well, I got the crazy idea of going on EHarmony (AKA EHellmony). I have never been one to pursue and I don't have that stupid girly giggle or bubbliness or vacuous look that makes me seem so vulnerable and so nice.

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