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Although you can’t judge a book by its cover, a good cover certainly leaves a lasting impression.Therefore, when designer Emy Storey of directs the visual presentation of musicians such as Tegan and Sara or Melissa Ferrick, she understands that an unforgettable album cover or website is crucial for success.Ever since , I’ve been really intimately connected to Tegan and Sara’s music and have heard each song in every stage of its development, so I’m very familiar with their intent.

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It’s hard to say sometimes because I love so many mediums. My clients tend to encourage me or seek me out to do things that have a handmade kind of look, but I’m very capable of doing “sleek” work as well.

You have created album covers, merchandise and websites for various musicians.

Did you ever expect your career to be so closely linked to music?

No, I really didn’t, but I couldn’t be happier with this path.

I thought to do this in order to play into the idea of archetypes, facades and falsities.

So I made a bunch of these giant cardboard cut out things and worked with Pamela Littky, our amazing photographer, to develop the idea.

When we were shooting it, I didn’t know that those images were going to be so perfect for the cover, but once I saw them I had a feeling right away, and it was the first and only idea I worked on for the album art.

The rest of the artwork surrounding the album is inspired by concepts drawn from the title book project was incredible, and one that took about half a year of work.

So we had a collection of images, and a collection of written content, journal entries, scrapbook-style odds and ends, and we needed to turn everything into a narrative.

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