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When it comes to different dating ideas, Doing Something has always been one of my go-to sources for ideas, and the company is also renowned for hosting some of the year’s most unique dating events.

Home to some of the best surfing in California, most people that grew up in the Santa Barbara area know how to ride out a big wave.

If you’re lucky, the Santa Barbaran you’re dating will be more than willing to give you a few pointers and even rescue you from a wipe out.

It’s no secret that Santa Barbara is one of the most expensive places in America, meaning most people that live there are pretty well off.

If you’re dating a Santa Barbaran, there’s a good chance that they’ll love to spoil you.

Regular readers will know I went on my second date with The Enigma to the O2.

We climbed it back in August, and at the time the climb uniform was a simple waistcoat, and sundown was at 8.30.The Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail features 25 wineries so Santa Barbarans are no stranger to sampling some of the freshest wines around.That means, if you’re dating someone from Santa Barbara, they’ll probably know know the perfect pairings for every dinner date. With so many days of sunshine, Santa Barbarans spend a ton of their free time soaking up some vitamin D on the coastline.Five months into the 30 Dates blog, and I’m no stranger to odd singles event ideas.As a group of Experimental Daters we’ve been Toilet Dating, Silent Dating, Yoga Pub Dating, and tried several times to get ourselves into a Dating in the Dark event!In December, you have to wear a full jumpsuit against the elements, and sundown is closer to 4pm!

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