Rodc dns not updating

For your exam, you should also be aware that you can set up the installation of the RODC via an unattended installation or delegated installation (where two different people can be responsible for the installation at different times).

As with any additional domain controller role, replication is the key to the successful transfer of information between servers.

In the same way that Windows NT4 used a singular primary, writable domain controller for writing data and used additional Backup Domain controllers (BDC) as read only boxes that allowed for domain login at additional sites, RODC is a read only domain controller for Windows server 2008.

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For your exam, you should make sure you understand the following commands and why they should be run prior to installation: The installation of the RODC requires this step in order to allow all other DNS servers in the forest to write to any RODC that is also a DNS server for its location.

As mentioned previously, you must have a writable domain controller for the RODC to replicate with, so you must specify this in the installation.

Non-RODC server If the DC is a non-RODC with default NC X (and NC X's GUID is G) in forest Z, then it registers SRV records with Service.

While much of the 70-640 exam covers the configuration of Active Directory in a Windows Server 2008 environment, other topics also get tested — including Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC), which is a new feature on Windows Server 2008.

The main reason for using an RODC is mainly for security purposes, while also providing domain resiliency at remote offices.

If a remote office has poor physical security or is only serving a small number of very non-IT minded staff, there is no good reason to have a fully writable domain controller onsite.IN this article, David Leaver explores the features and configuration of the RODC that may be tested in the 70-640 exam.The 70-640 exam is the Technology Specialist exam in configuring Active Directory in a Windows server 2008 environment.The main fact to remember about a RODC is that they are just that: read only.Although this sounds obvious, just take a moment to consider that the DNS (as mentioned later), SYSVOL, and Global Catalog are also read only and can only change once they have replicated with the writable DC.It is important to note that the replication is one directional and that all information that is written to the RODC is from a writable domain controller and changes are only made during the replication cycle.

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