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(which is fine up to a point as I have done the same to some ladies, but they obviously didn't look at my profile in the 1st place or chose to ignore my preference on locality and and/or age group.) Thanks for reply, khakkinen I'll give that one a try. I have rejected several people that I thought had decent profiles, decent pics and seemed to have similar interests. It seems like I'll go for periods with only a few (often scary, but mostly unsuitable) guys indicating interest – when this happens, I'll say yes to further contact from anyone who seems half-way decent and interesting.

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As an aside, I find I have the most luck and meet the most compatible people when I initiate contact. They'll get many interested men and they can be fussy unfortunately.

All you can do is send an interest to any women you find remotely interesting and hope one of them bites.

So I think Oasis is probably your best bet, but I think it's because of the sheer SIZE of the number of users which is because its a free site......

SO if this is the case how can you approach the women on the site with any chance of them actually accepting you?

I'm not good at juggling, so most will get a rejection unless they've got something special in their profile that catches my eye (even though during a quiet patch I'd be happy to hear from them).

I feel bad about this at times, knowing that I could be rejecting "the one", but that's the way life is sometimes. It just doesn't seem permanent enough to my liking. I'd suggest leaving your status out of your profile initially (if you can) and then explain the situation in person if you meet up. Women sit back and relax on these sites because men are more aggressive.

'I'd like to learn more about you' several times, but have been rejected on most occasions.

My requests were going to (imho) fairly compatible matches, and whilst my photo or profile may have been the main reason for rejection, I'd love to hear if perhaps the send kiss ask for chat may be the better way to approach the ladies?

Thanks Sir Flibble...trying out rsvp at the same time. Maybe the 'separated' statement in my profile is a bit of a stumbling block?!

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