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This is the second threat to the JCC this month, and one of many similar threats across the nation in the past week.

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It was the final step of letting go of the demon." Her eating disorder was referenced in the first episode of season six.

Upon entering the set to a thunderous round of applause in Season 6, episode 1, (after being absent for most of season 5) Reba asked her character Kyra "Where have you been?

Pomers stayed with the show until it ended in 2007.

Pomers has also appeared as a judge for ION Television's series America's Most Talented Kids.

When she was three years old, an agent at a local shopping mall suggested to her mother Michelle that Scarlett get into the acting business.

Scarlett began doing small jobs until they found an agent they both liked.

The 5' 2" actress' weight had dropped to 73 pounds and she was exercising as much as six hours per day.

Scarlett's character, Kyra, was absent from most of the fifth season of Reba, having only appeared in two episodes out of twenty-two. Following her release from treatment, Pomers became an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and began an organization called Arch-Angels, which raises money for people who suffer from eating disorders but cannot afford treatment.

Her most recognizable roles have been as Naomi Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager (1998–2001) and Kyra Hart on the television series Reba (2001–2007).

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