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We have rules in place and anyone breaking the rules (foul language, asking for money, harassment etc) will be removed instantly without a refund, he told Tech Moran.

WE ARE NOT a cheap ‘hookup’ site Users can also ask questions on the site’s forum such as “I’m looking for a public pool next to Westgate” then other members can reply anonymously or with their profiles to help each other out as members of the community.

Safe & convenient online dating Isherwood told Tech Moran that the idea for Date Me Kenya came along after spending part of his adult life in the UK and seeing how mainstream, easy, safe and convenient online dating was.

I'm all about life, anything that brings a positive impact in my life that's what I chase....

I love to interact with different diversity for personal growth and development.

It’s a fantastic way for people to connect and gets people together who like doing similar things.

Dates are more fun when you are both doing something you BOTH enjoy after all! Speed dating, cocktail evening and shisha nights Date Me Kenya will also be hosting events throughout the year (speed dating, cocktail evening, shisha nights etc) to make sure their members stay active and get to meet people as well as have LOTS of fun.

“We know some people are rather private here in Kenya and we have catered for this,” he said.

Date Me Kenya will generate money mainly from its membership packages but will also run localised adverts with special offers for our members to enjoy (half price drinks, meal discounts, special safari offers etc) and plans to work with local companies who will be paying to advertise their deals and special offers.

“We allow people to suggest their own Date ME ideas. This is a simple and fun way to instantly connect with others and tell people what YOU want to do on a date. In the box the member can write exactly what they want to do, lets say “cocktails and then bowling”…

The idea is then broadcast to all the other members of the opposite sex and if another member likes the idea, they click “Great Idea” and they take it from there.

Premium membership Membership will be available on 1,3,6 and 12 month plans. Premium Chui – 1 month – 4,000ksh Premium Chui – 3 month – 7,200ksh (40% off) = 2,400ksh pm Premium Chui – 6 month – 9,600ksh (60% off) = 1,600ksh pm Premium Chui – 12 month – 12,000ksh (75% off) =1,000ksh pm VIP Simba – 1 month – 7,000ksh VIP Simba – 3 month – 12,600 (40% off) = 4,200ksh pm VIP Simba – 6 month – 16,800 (60% off) = 2,800ksh pm VIP Simba – 12 month – 21,000ksh (75% off) = 1,750ksh pm.

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