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One fan wrote: "I just want you guys to know that my husband is in Iraq and when he calls the first thing he asks is how April is doing!

"They suggested it to their parents." Even as these cases become harder to prosecute, the question remains of who exactly should be held to account when there is enough evidence to bring a case forward.

Is disbanding households — driven to such measures by poverty — the most effective way to fight this problem?

In fact, the whole idea came from the children in the first place.

"They saw the neighbors making money," the prosecutor told the .

At this point, things should start moving along very quickly April is exhibiting the kind of 'restlessness' expected by experts soon before birth.

The giraffe's fly-on-the-wall pregnancy caused a storm last month when animal rights fanatics forced the zoo to take down the live video feed, declaring the viral images as "sexually explicit" despite receiving 30 million viewings.

Complicating the issue further is the children themselves are often complicit in the sexual exploitation.

For instance, in the 2011 case the eldest daughter was helping her mother facilitate the session.

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I am emailing screen shots everyday so they can keep up."APRIL THE GIRAFFE LIVE UPDATESGiraffes are pregnant for up to 464 days, one of the longest gestation periods of any animal, and become extremely secretive about their deliveries to avoid the attentions of predators in the wild.

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