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He rubbed his eyes, a loud groan escaping his lips.

He glanced up at the two Tag Team Champions and raised a eyebrow, "How many people saw?

She clutched the bottle in one hand and her other hand held some papers regarding the outline for the live show that night.

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"He ran a hand through his hair, sighing heavily, "Been better. She wasn't moving in on Punk now that he had broken up with Lita. "Her eyes fluttered shut in defeat as CM Punk rounded the corner, intent on finding the young Diva's Champion.

She was there because she needed his help and right now, she wished she had never gone if that's what people were going to think. "Believe me, nothing is going on," said AJ, her eyes pleading with the man in front of her."AJ! She opened her eyes to see the two men now staring at one another, warily.

""Stupid, stupid, foul ball." He groaned, burying his face in his hands. Few weeks after he broke things off with Lita, he didn't need him being seen with another Diva.

Especially one who was a self-confessed fan of the older woman.

There was a reason AJ Lee came back to Chicago to see him. He knew as soon as he caught that foul ball that a camera would be on him and his companion. Someone would've seen it and it would be all over the internet.

She needed advice on something and her 'Punky' was the person that could help her. However, it had only been four days and he had to give his fans credit for moving as fast as they did with the information. CM Punk narrowed his eyes at the former NXT Champion, "You're a worst gossip spreader than my fans.""C'mon you sly dog, don't hide your secrets."Punk spluttered for words, raising his arms in surrender, "I have no idea what you are talking about." He looked at Roman, who shrugged his shoulders, "Why is he suddenly interested in my past dating life?"Now it was Roman and Seth's turns to look confused." shrieked AJ, her eyes never leaving the man stepping away from the scene.Her voice softened as she tried to work out why exactly the other man was quite upset over a small outing.It was just an outing between two friends, nothing more. He raised an eyebrow at Roman Reigns, who rolled his eyes at his tag team partner, shaking his head.

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