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The benefit for your business is you can become day 1 for 2 suppliers to your largest clients, benefitting from reduced distribution costs when shipping smaller pallet loads.

Like all great systems, the concept of our KCU is both simple and effective; at 11am each day we automatically receive loads, direct from the retailer in to our warehouse management system, detailing where and when the loads needs to be delivered and the stock keeping units (SKU) from each KCU partner.

These are carefully picked and loaded and allocated to a relevant vehicle and driver, via our experienced traffic co-ordinators and our traffic management system.

The PHP file type is primarily associated with 'PHP' by The PHP Group. Important: Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC.

PH4] These are text files used on a server to generate HTML files sent to a browsing user.

But as you can see, my data doesn’t start on row 1.

Plus there are other formatting elements in this workbook that prevents me from simply linking to it from Access.

In my Pulitzer worthy post, Using Access to Combine Multiple Excel Files: Method 1, I showed you a simple way to leverage linked objects in Access to combine multiple Excel files.

This weekend, while checking out some of the newsgroups, I ran across a question from Ashish who asks: Method 1 basically requires a clean dataset with nothing else on the worksheet.

There may be situations, however, where the data you are trying to consolidate lives on heavily formatted worksheets where other meta data makes it impossible to use a simple linked object.

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