Fauji speach

The swearing-in ceremony at Government House and the accompanying functions were very impressive. "Whereas the people of India, having into a Sovereign Democratic Republic, adopted, enacted and gave to themselves on the twenty-sixth day of November, 1949, in their Constituent Assembly the Constitution of India; "And whereas it has been declared by the said Constitution that India, that is, Bharat, shall be a Union of States comprising within the Union the territories which were hitherto the Governor's provinces, the Indian States and the Chief Commissioners' provinces; "And whereas this, the twenty sixth day of January 1950, has been fixed for the commencement of the said Constitution; "Now, therefore, it is hereby proclaimed that on the from this, the twenty sixth day of January, 1950, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Sovereign Democratic Republic, and the Union and its component units, the States, shall exercise all powers and functions of government and administration in accordance with the provisions of the said Constitution." Then the President took the oath of office and made a brief speech, first in Hindi and then in English.

Malala's address to UN general assembly was impressive where she spoke about thousands of innocents killed by the terrorists.

But she dared not mention thousands of innocents including children being killed by blind drone attacks in her homeland.

Messages of goodwill were received from the heads of States of almost all the countries of the world.

External links An account of the events of January 26, 1950 published in 2012 is available here. Rajendra Prasad taking the oath of office is available here. Rajendra Prasad with the Indian cabinet is available here.

Hope you will not become a pawn of political powers but a universal citizen who advocates peace and equal rights for girls world-wide. Holy quran clearly says that seek knowledge irrespective of gender.

All the ills, infighting, culture of intolerance among muslims are because they are far less educated than other communities and their ladies are even more behind than men.

Reading all the other Malala stories, there was a strong sense that people were stereotyping all Pakistanis, and all Pakistani men, by the Taliban.

They conveniently forgot that millions of Pakistani girls are attending schools, and that She is one of the most globally recognised and much feted and positive face of Pakistan!

Here 15,000 people watched one of the most magnificent military parades in India's recent history. Seven massed bands, representing the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Police, provided music, the quality of which fitted with the general excellent pattern of the entire ceremony.

Among the most impressive items in the programme was the firing of "feu-de-joie", combined with the National Anthem, while at a little distance guns boomed a salute of the President.

Strength, courage and fervor was born shall serve as light house for young generations. The speech was so beautifully delivered highlighting beauty of real Islam and tributes to Quaid e Azam.

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