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According to Aron Lund, a nonresident associate at the Carnegie Endowment, “Beginning in early 2014, increased assistance from Western and Arab states and improved coordination among the southern armed opposition factions they support sparked a string of victories against regime forces.” When by late January 2015, opposition forces had gained control over most of the city of Quneitra and the western side of Daraa, the MOC nonetheless stalled the rebels' advance, according to Turkey-based think-tank Omran Dirasat expert Sinan Hatahet.The idea was to prevent rebels from connecting Quneitra to Ghouta near Damascus. Other observers such as Wael Alwan from Faylaq al-Rahman, a group present in the Damascus Ghouta area, told Al-Monitor that Jordan’s opposition to connecting southern Syria with Ghouta was to avoid the expansion southward of Salafist groups present around the capital. I told you the other day that I had come to the end of my power of endurance.

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You have us in your power, and you can betray us to the Danites, if you choose.

I think it may be justly denominated an emblem of strength and power.

Russian efforts also contributed to stalling the rebels' advance.

According to an article published by Washington Institute experts Andrew J.

Interestingly, despite the domination of JAI over Ghouta, the area is governed by a joint civilian body known as the Unified Judiciary Council, which heads other civilian bodies such as the regional council (Majlil Mouhafaza) and local councils and is backed by a local police force, according to Alwan.

In recent months, the eastern Ghouta region was plagued by unrest after a series of unexplained assassinations and clashes between JAI and Faylaq al-Rahman over power and smuggling routes.Some 49 factions claim membership in the Southern Front, which comprises 20,000-30,000 fighters spread across the south and around Damascus.Unlike in other Syrian areas, Salafist jihadist groups have had little influence on the fate of the southern area.As of today, JAI remains perhaps one the most powerful and largest rebel groups in Syria.Founded by Zahran Alloush, a Salafist released from prison in 2011, JAI has been led by Abu Himam al-Buwaydani since Alloush was killed in December.Bashar al-Zohbi, head of the FSA-affiliated Yarmouk Brigade active in the south, explained that Jordan’s fear of Islamic groups may have contributed to the dominance of mainstream factions in the area.

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