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Every single woman I've ever been with or dated I met first online. Generally speaking, apps like Tinder are definitely used more for hookups than for finding meaningful, lasting relationships. Hell, I met my ex gf I share a son with through Date Craft, a (now-defunct) dating site specifically made for Wo W players and other gamers.However, that obviously does not mean that it's not possible to fine the latter on there, you probably just would have to try and find someone who is looking for the same and "weed out" all those who only want a quick hookup. My brother, for example, met his current girlfriend on Tinder and they have been happily together for a whole while now. Every single woman I've ever been with or dated I met first online. My mother has been married over a decade now to a man she met online. I hear some good shit about E-Harmony and Match as well as the aforementioned OKCupid and Tindr, but I they aren't free like the latter two. I find them to be mostly useless, most people on any kind of dating app just wants to fuck you and then forget about it.Maybe one day cultivate one of them into something more long term.

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The age discrepancy, he notes in the study, is easily explained: Younger people adopted social media more quickly, and tend to have a wider network of friends online.

Presumably, this cohort spends enough time online to feel that “friends-of-friends” on Facebook are just as worthwhile romantic pursuits as “friends-of-friends” offline.

Hall’s survey showed “online communities”—which include chatrooms, special interest websites, and multiuser fantasy worlds such as —to be the second most popular online meeting place, behind the more obvious dating sites.

But while marriages between warlocks and mages declined over the seven years that Hall examined—and dating sites declined slightly too—Facebook and other social media became a more popular place to meet cute.

Dating websites, on the other hand, are able to attract older singles who don’t use the internet as extensively, and therefore don’t have such broad online networks.

It might not be a bad thing that more and more of us are turning to social networking sites for romance.

I know what grindr is and I don't swing that way : P And all of the above.

Tinder used to be exclusively for hookups, but now most women on there seem to be either bots, or looking to either date or try and settle down.

Hall’s data suggests that these marriages may actually be happier than those that start offline.

But not all online courtships are created equal: Those started on “online communities” such as Second Life and World of Warcraft might be less satisfying than the others, according to Hall’s survey.

I'm not really looking for anything serious right now.

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