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In America, as in much of the post-industrial world, romantic love is in full bloom.

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There are over 1,000 dating websites out there dedicated to the art of the one night stand, and you should be getting in on this craze.

The problem is really choosing which website to use. Is it really just as simple as signing up for a few, putting up profiles, sending out messages and getting laid?

In our study of long-term lovers, those who scored higher on a marital satisfaction questionnaire showed more activity in a brain region linked with empathy, a trait they had most likely retained from their initial passion.5 Moreover, when psychologist Mona Xu and her team used my original research design to collect similar brain data on 18 young men and women in China, she found that those who were in love long term showed activity in a brain region associated with the ability to suspend negative judgment and over-evaluate a partner,6 what psychologists call “positive illusions.”7 Much like men and women who have just fallen madly in love, these long-term partners still swept aside what they didn’t like about their mate and focused on what they adored.

"Because feelings of attachment emerge with time, slow love is natural.

Over 54 percent of American singles (which make up over half of the adult population) believe in love at first sight; 56 percent believe laws should make it easier to wed; 89 percent believe you can stay married to the same person forever.

And, remarkably, 33 percent of American singles believe it’s ok to leave a “satisfactory marriage” if you are no longer passionately in love.Remember, if it’s not on our list, it may just be one of the scam sites we found while doing our research. Before selecting your one night stand website, always conduct some research on its reviews.The scam sites we found had multiple negative reviews, while our top picks have received glowing praise. Try one or all five – when you use one of our top picks, you’re sure to get the sexual pleasure you’ve been so desperately looking for.When you have more luck getting girls to go home with you at your local bar or club than you do finding them online, there’s a problem there. Why are so many men being shut out on hookup sites?While some fault can be placed on the men themselves, it can’t be an issue of simple dating profile mistakes when it’s happening to so many people the world over."So I have come to believe that—motivated by romance and afraid of what sociologist Andrew Cherlin calls the marriage-go-round—today’s singles are ushering a long pre-commitment stage into the courtship process. Couples want to get to know everything about a potential life partner before they tie the knot. "The basic circuits for romantic love lie in primitive regions of the brain, near those that orchestrate thirst and hunger.

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