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Don’t deny it: 98% of the time when you’re walking your dog around your favorite neighborhood park, you’re secretly daydreaming about getting your leash tangled with that cute dog walker comin’ your way.That’s the stuff great meet-cutes are made of, right?It takes place in outer space, albeit an infinitely colorful and vibrant version of outer space, inhabited by adorable, bipedal animals.

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Each terminal serves a different function: Your basic ship has turrets in all four cardinal directions, a station that lets you rotate a projectile-blocking shield around your ship, a "super weapon" on a long recharge, a pilot's chair and, most amusingly, a map terminal you have to use periodically to get your bearings.

Each station can be upgraded by collecting gems found floating around in the inky blackness of space, which can further be combined to develop unique power-ups.

It's enough to sap your desire to hit the Retry button, and probably enough to send you into the loving embrace of the still-kind-of-difficult "Casual" difficulty setting.

Difficulty spikes notwithstanding, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is otherwise respectful of its players' time.

They can move lightning-fast, and there's no confusion on where both pilots are at any given time, but your AI teammate is incapable of the kind of triage a human player brings to the table. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime can occasionally feel a little too stressful for its own good, but there's something undeniably lovely about its core design.

I can't count the number of times my dumb cat has rotated our shield to block a single incoming projectile, moving that shield out of the way of the 30 incoming projectiles on the opposite side. It is, ultimately, an object lesson in dealing with hardships — that even when they grow to be far too much to handle, they can be softened with the support of a patient and cooperative friend.Use the app to swipe right to discover matches for you or your dog, and chat with matches in your area.These days, there’s a Meetup for just about everything, which means if you want to go to a bi-weekly corgi sweater walk around your city’s lake, there’s probably already a group that does that.Every facet of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime's design is built around coordination, especially once you unlock more complex ships that tamper with the core rules of the game.For example, the "Banana Split" vessel has color-coded security doors that only certain players can pass through — flying that ship involves a lot of yelling across the couch.By the end of each campaign chapter, your standard ship will have transformed into a power-thrusting, caltrop-dropping, chainsaw-wielding, rocket-launching, projectile-reflecting death machine.

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