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To be honest, if it's a choice between chastity or Donald Trump playing Cupid, we'd pick the nunnery…

There is one thing the new show couldn't copy, however.

It was a case of “no likey, no lighty” for former Take Me Out contestant Gavin Ellis in The Voice’s final round of blind auditions.

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Dating show with spinning chairs bernina dating vintage

And from the sounds of it, NBC’s The Voice better look out.

According to : “In each episode, four celebrities sit in spinning chairs and listen to non-famous prospective dates pitch themselves.

Other famous “bachelors” on the show include Pauly D, Rob Kardashian and The Situation.

If one on more of the celebrities turns their chair, the contestant on stage has the ultimate say as to which celebrity she chooses to go with. This six-episode dating reality show helps four of the world’s “most eligible bachelors” on their quest to find true love (or as we like to call it, fame whoring). During the “Blind Round”, the celebrities listen to each woman as she answers questions about “life, passions, turn-ons and turn-offs”.

Will.filled his final two places with Tim Gallagher and Victoria Louise, leaving fourth coach Gavin Rossdale to pick up whoever came out to audition last.

He ended up with supermarket product demonstrator Ruth Lockwood, who performed an operatic version of the Britney Spears hit Toxic.

Saturday night was the last of the blind auditions before the competition moves on to the battle round next Saturday, when contestants on the same team go up against each other in duets.

Jennifer Hudson was the first coach to complete her team with Kit Rice who sang Bill Withers classic Ain’t No Sunshine, closely followed by Sir Tom Jones who picked guitar-playing Linda Jennings as his last team member.

If the men are intrigued by what they hear, they can swing their chairs around and try to recruit the women to their ''teams,'' from which they will later select a date for that night. First, each man needs to end up with three women on his team, and in the opening episode completing that first step took an interminable half-hour of introductions, entrances and exits.

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