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In addition to the photos below, I have made a movie that demonstrates the operation of this clock's unique chiming and striking mechanism. Seth Thomas 8-day Ogee Clock circa 1865-1868 A very fine clock with nice veneer.

This is a full 4/4 Westminster chime clock using a chime movement based on Session's conventional time & strike movement, such as the movement used in the black mantle clock above.

To make one mainspring & gear train do the work of two springs & trains, Sessions incorporated some novel features.

All were 8-day in oak cases with alarms as an extra cost option.

The New Haven Clock Company traces its roots back to the first brass clocks and was founded in 1850 as a result of the business failures of Chauncey Jerome. New Haven Black Mantle clock, circa 1900 This is a very nice original condition clock also made by New Haven Clock Co, and thus bears some similarities to the clock pictured above.

Like most mantle clocks, it can be regulated from the front without stopping the pendulum. Chauncey Jerome Thirty Hour Ogee clock circa 1841-1842 This is the oldest clock in my collection, and appropriately, one that changed American clockmaking.

Chauncey Jerome began his career in clockmaking under Eli Terry.

First picture shows it bare as I found it, second picture is the movement, a spring-wound 8 day.

Clock counts the hours on a coil gong, and sound a single note on a bell at the half.

The last picture is one I found online and is basically the same clock, but with the decorations still intact. Sessions Westminster Chime & Strike clock, mid 1920's.

This tambour clock features Session's unique chiming movement.

Warranted Good." The label was printed by Elihu Greer. The label describes Greer as an "Ornamental Printer" in the left corners, and as a "Book & Job Printer" in the right corners.

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