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But dateship isn't ultimately about "yes" in human terms.

It's about seeking marriage in godly ways such that the man is ennobled, the woman is treated well, and Christ is honored.

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Courtship only occurs when a young man obtains permission to "court" a young woman from her father (or a father figure, perhaps a church elder).

He then gets to know her in purposeful settings, often with family and church members around.

Is there a step of faith to take when it comes to the opposite sex? It may be possible that no actual human man could meet your standards.

Or, you might be more than willing to give a guy a chance — you just need the right guy to come along. Can you as a young man take a risk and ask a girl to coffee? But perhaps there's a young woman who hasn't been asked out 25 times who loves the Lord and will love a man well.

You do things like go to coffee, play Ultimate with friends and then talk afterwards, or listen to a sermon together and discuss it. If the first date goes well, the man asks the woman's father (or father figure) if it's OK to go on a few more dates. This can happen, by the way, even if both sides are wondering about the other. If he gets permission, then he takes the woman out and asks her if she will court him.

If she says yes, then they enter into a time of seriously considering whether they should marry (you don't have to use the word "courtship" — the point is that you seriously consider marriage together).

You look at your writing program; your writing program looks at you. You write a word, delete it, sip coffee, walk around your desk, do 25 jumping-jacks, carefully craft two more words, do the dishes, and before you know it, three hours have elapsed, and you have a grand total of three words. Things used to be relatively simple: You got to know someone, went out several times under close parental supervision (with Dad eyeing a young suitor warily), and if things clicked, you ended up getting married, eventually. In 2014, there doesn't seem to be much of a script anymore. This is why I propose what follows: I believe that dateship can help the fearful, galvanize the risk-averse, and fight against sexual sin by providing some romantic infrastructure (there's an odd phrase if there ever was one). Dateship is a combination of two romantic systems: dating and courtship, each of which has a major strength and a possible weakness (or more).

With dating, the strength of the system is that young men and women can get to know one another in a low-key way.

If she says yes, then they get engaged and then married.

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