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It would be great if someone explains what prefer Eastern European' mean ????

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Unfortunately there is still a market for mail order brides and some Eastern European girls I.e Czechs are more than willing to be bought a better life by the purse holder.

It gives the bloke temporary power, false love and in most cases a trophy to walk around on his arm with!! ^^^^ you are mistaken is open to English speaking people in Europe..otherwise I'd have been banned.years ago!!

Yes, I am sure you can fill in the missing pieces of what was happening...

Once it become common knowledge to the rest of the guys who were waiting in the toilet what the hold up was, there was an audience watching lol, and she calmly said, as the guy looked very embarressed "Can you all get down and not ruin the moment for us".

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I like interacting with these people, their life style, food, way of living.. but when I think of Eastern European Guys I can notreally distinguish what they all would have in their personality or looks what others wouldn't.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... The ones I met might be little bit more deep or philosophical or sometimes too much philosophical but mind you, do not you find this on all continents ??

Yes on the whole most of the polish girls were thin,but that is not nessiscarily a pre requiste for being beautifull. You could see they are very unintelligent and one of them said:'Tonight I only speak english.. 'I couldn't believe my ears And re dressing and style..

I think we have pre-conceived ideas of other nations especially when you have not had any direct contact with them,and do not understand the cultural diffrences between various eastern nations. there are English ladies who can not ever be beaten in their style and their 'ladyness'Prehaps its the way they dont end up in shop doorways with knickers round there ankles with kebab in one hand an fone in the other telling the 12 yr old babysitter that she be home when dwayne an his mates have finishd.

I don't know what the attraction to the women who live further east of europe than the rest of us is..all look really stern to me and have noses with nobbly a slavic thing, either they have snouts like pigs or a nose resembling a door handle.

I think if you want to smash a myth you've got to remember that each and every time you go abroad you should behave as an ambassador for your country.

The points I made are as follows:1) There are many women out there who look good regardless of nationality, and 2) You can get "free sex" from people within most nationalities providing the physical attraction is there I would have thought 'Eastern European girl' to mean a girl from Eastern Europe.

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