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I would suffer in silence then never see him again.

It's something I don't want to deal with and I am not invested in him enough to really go into it with him why.

Extreme cases with chronic infection of the tonsils would be an indication to see an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon for a consultation. Although it is considered unprofessional in some circles and can contribute to jaw pain and problems with dental work, it can keep your breath under control until you can be seen by your dentist to get things started.

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I exercise, get plenty of sleep and I have a fairly healthy diet. As much as I brush and floss my teeth, I always have horrendous breath.

I'm not talking about a little morning breath — it's as though a pig ate rotten food and then defecated into my mouth.

It hasn't stopped me from getting a second date yet, even when they smell really bad. ETA: Great way to follow Canvas Shoes' last sentence! should I tell him that he smells, so that he might have better luck in the future, or no? should I tell him that he smells, so that he might have better luck in the future, or no? But since this won't make a difference---you don't like him enough otherwise, I don't think you owe him a "Teachable Moment".

: DIf you don't like him, why are you seeing him for a third date? He asked me out for next Saturday, and I told him I'd let him know. Since you don't click, why stress either of you out?

The causes of halitosis are legion, but it's estimated that 90% of the problems occur inside the mouth.

Bacteria in the mouth break down proteins that release sulfur compounds into the atmosphere.

Cyn - I thought of you the other day when I saw that Tshirt Hell is shutting down.

Wonder if you would get all the overstock of your saying??

I'm always too embarrassed to stand close to people when I talk.

As a result, I come off as being unfriendly or standoffish. — Wayne L., NY, NY You describe a condition called "halitosis," or in your case, "pig turd breath." Chronic bad breath (as opposed to the occasional morning breath, or a post-liver-and-onions train wreck) affects millions of people in the world, and is defined as awful breath that can't be fixed with simple brushing or mouthwash.

If it were just a lack of hygeine though that would probably be different.

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