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A promise ring is not an unknown jewel these days and yet not many people really know the meaning of a promise ring. What finger is a promise ring supposed to be worn on?

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Men take far less care of their jewelry as compared to the ladies and this would mean that promise rings worn by men would need to be more sturdy and durable.

In cases where promise rings mean a pre-engagement relationship, it is common for the lady and man to wear promise rings with similar designs, such rings are commonly referred to as promise ring pairs.

For such promise rings, an exchange of rings between the man and lady is very common.

Purity promise rings have a slightly different meaning as they symbolize a commitment or promise to remain chaste or abstain from something.

The friend who receives such a promise ring could be living next door or far away in another country, there is no relevance to geographical distance separating two friends.

It is very important that both friends understand the true meaning of such a promise ring, there should not be room for misunderstanding where, either friend misinterprets the ring as showing romantic intentions.This is a question that is asked very often and the answer is quite simple.Given the true meaning of a promise ring and the significance of the occassion or commitment for which they are worn, there is no reason why men should not wear a promise ring.Religious promise rings are another type of rings that need special mention.Such rings could be worn by a group of believers of a particular saint or religion.Depending on the reason for the wearing of promise rings, men's promise rings could be worn as pre-engagement rings or as purity promise ring, as friendship promise rings and also as religious promise rings.

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