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The Grand Trunk Road (NH 19 - old numbering NH 2) runs across the subdivision and NH 14 (old numbering NH 60) connects Asansol with Odisha.

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A highway bypass avoids the areas of Ushagram, Murgasol, Asansol Bazar, Chelidanga, BNR, Gopalpur, Neamatpur, Kulti and Barakar.

The South Bengal State Transport Corporation operates daily bus services to Kolkata and numerous other destinations, such as Malda, Siliguri, Midnapur, Bankura, Siuri, Purulia, Burdwan, Kalna, Habra, Barackpore, Digha, Bolpur, Kirnahar and Berhampore.

It is also connected with Guwahati in the north-east region.

Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport at Andal is the nearest domestic airport.

In 1850, a union committee was formed to look after the civic needs of Asansol.

The municipality was approved in 1885 but started functioning effectively in 1896.

Asansol North police station has jurisdiction over Raniganj CD Block and parts of Asansol Municipal Corporation.

The area covered is 49 km Asansol is administered by the Asansol Municipal Corporation.

It became well-known during the 1960s and 1970s, with its company shares being traded on the London Stock Exchange.

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