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That link to the user base is very important to the site’s founder because it adds to the authenticity of Christian Connection.

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As a Christian, she was well aware that her single friends were struggling to navigate the dating world and saw first hand the challenges that Christians face when dating, being online, and practicing their faith. She wanted to build a community where Christians could meet anytime instead of waiting until the next church meeting.

From building railways to building relationships, Jackie soon decided to launch Christian Connection to help U. “I moved into the digital world in 1999,” she recalled, “and just got inspired by the possibilities of online dating.” It was very early days.

For Christians looking for a sense of belonging, this community offers support and connection based on shared values.

When Matt joined Christian Connection, he didn’t think he’d meet the love of his life there.

“When I started, the fax machine was cutting edge,” she says.

She has an MBA from the London Business School and worked in management training and went then power plant and railway development for several years.His experience of growing along with the site is common on the team. With its users and employees, Christian Connection shows deep commitment to building and maintaining long relations.Jackie said she very much prefers to work face-to-face with all members of her team rather than farm out work to separate companies.“That’s the amazing thing, really, just how many people can use the site to meet and find love, marriage, and friendships.” Christian Connection, which received the coveted title of Daters’ Favourite Dating Site at the 2015 U. Dating Awards, is recognized for its caring customer service, selective marketing campaign, helpful blog, and niche user base.Although it began in the United Kingdom, the site has a growing presence across the pond in the U. Jackie’s working life began well before the Internet became a part of everyday life.He now heads up the customer service team, oversees offline marketing, curates the blog, social media activity, and manages partnerships with other Christian organizations.

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