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The largest Baltic country, Lithuania, is situated in Northern Europe. Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus and Poland are close neighbors of Lithuania. The largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius, is its capital too.

Lithuania became independent after being governed by Germany and Russia in the year 1918.

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For other nests this part should be changed to for example with 'saunja' for the nest of WTES Linda ans Sulev, 'kure' for the black storks Tiina and Tiit's nest camera, or 'tooni' for the other black stork's nest which has in recent years been inhabited by lesser spotted eagles Tuuli and Remo.

(in the above example 2013-04-08 means April 8th 2013) and the time -08-36 means 36 minutes past 8 am.

However, Lithuania was again occupied by The Soviet Union between the years 19.

The state managed to restore its independence in 1990.

As in earlier years with other nest cameras in connection with the live camera there is also a camera which takes still pictures of the nest once every minute for the archives. A similar camera is operational at each EENET- bird's nest camera.

The still pictures can be found in addresses which are of the following form:- before Apr 6th (EET)*ttp:// ...Since then Lithuania has been a parliamentary republic and is an active member of the UNO and the European parliament.Lithuania is often referred to as the Baltic Tiger due to its fast economic growth. The population of the country is dominated by the Roman Catholics.In 2013 breeding was finally successful and two youngsters have left the nest. The female was seen rolling an egg at , the male probably rolled an egg still at , at the female picked up a piece of an eggshell, and at viewtopic.php? The repair team went to the nest site and managed to locate the fault and restore the connection from the camera.Later in the autumn birds began to prepare for the next breeding season – nest crown was supplied with branches and decorated with fresh conifer twigs. p=316881#p316881At a young 2nd calendar-year eagle visited the nest.viewtopic.php? Both chicks made their first wing exercise moves at (the smaller chick) and at (the bigger chick).viewtopic.php? The Pontu camera began recording still pictures again at . On June 8th the live stream was restored at .viewtopic.php?The great literary works of Lithuania are written in Latin.

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