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Beards are completely banned without explicit permission from the school, and neither gender may color their hair or wear any form-fitting apparel.Openly homosexual students are allowed to attend classes, but they must commit themselves to the same standards of staunch chastity as their heterosexual peers.

In addition, all students enrolled in 12 or more hours are required to attend at least one chapel event a week.

Part-timers or those with special circumstances must do so on days when their classes do not begin until after noon.

All of these policies supposedly honor the wishes of Jesus Christ and facilitate participation in the encouraged weekend activities of door-to-door and child evangelism, working in churches, and volunteering at nursing homes. Bob Jones University Bob Jones University requires all students to attend regular church, Sunday school, society, Bible conferences, artist series programs, and vespers services on campus, though not necessarily in a single week.

They understandably discourage illegal and discourteous behaviors such as excessive drunkenness, but generally harmless actions like possessing legal pornography, moderate drinking, disciplined gambling, dancing, sensuality, premarital sex, and homosexuality all remain condemned and held up as just as harmful to young, educated minds.

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Every college and university around the world expects its students to uphold certain standards.

Most of the punishment is reserved for any involving “impropriety,” however.

In accordance with their Mormon faith, students must also refrain from the expected and reasonable discourteous and illegal behavior – but coffee, tea, responsible alcohol consumption, and tobacco are also disallowed as well.

While it usually remains the students’ choice to partake of such environments, many outside the affiliated fundamentalist organizations may look over their rules and find their jaws dropping.

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