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And if you aren't looking for a guy, your parents will arrange one you.But I'm single, a writer, and did I mention single?

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Three glasses of wine into the night, I sat back in my chair heady from the tapas and happiness. Alec was the guy every girl wanted to be with, and every guy wanted to be his friend. I wouldn't have been able to afford him any longer than an hour, anyway.

When the party died down, my cousin pulled me aside. “You found someone who deserves you.”There it was: the validation I'd always craved. It was a kind of acceptance I'd never felt before, and its impermanence didn't detract from my satisfaction. I'd be stuck doing Operation Wash-A-Dish to pay off Rent A Gent for the foreseeable future. I ate good food, fooled a party of 16 and learned that my heart is resilient even after enduring insufferable heartbreak.

rock climbing the mountains walking clubs pubs live music.

Im ...51, male, Shrewsbury, Shropshireit keeps me strong for hanging off cliffs by my fingers. I love watching rugby, eating out, going camping, reading the Sunday papers with a good cup of coffee, going for a pint and lounging ...57, male, Shrewsbury, Shropshireim relaxed romantic sensuous love cuddles funny like to laugh looking for nothing too serious im a solo guitar/vocal love music of all kinds don't understand jazz though ...

“But I want to.”We approached the curb outside the restaurant, where my cousin and his friends were already standing. They shook his hand in awe and approval.“See that guy over there?

” I whispered to Alec, pointing to my cousin's friend.

I'm no Angelina Jolie, and I wanted a guy beautiful enough to induce envy — but mediocre enough to squash suspicion). He met me a block from the restaurant, giving me just a minute to get him up to speed on my life.

I told him I'm a journalist determined to get a good story, and fortunately, he didn't run for the George Washington Bridge. “You shouldn't have to do this.”“I don't have to,” I said.

I am a high maintenance man so I can get up and go on spur o…

I am a 24-year-old woman who is perpetually single. My parents left India for America in their mid-20s to give their future children opportunities they themselves didn't have.

I know that it was all so childish of me — but it was also pretty damn brilliant.

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