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According to the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the vast majority of €500 note are handled by criminals, who account for more than 90 per cent of UK demand for the note.“Crime is a cash-based business, and paying large amounts of cash into the banking system attracts unwelcome attention,” says Soca.“Instead, criminals try to reduce the bulk of the cash as far as possible and move it undetected out of the country.

And, if like a listener to Radio 4’s Money Box programme, you find yourself landed with two of them, you could struggle to spend or convert them. With similar high-value notes used in Austria, Belgium and Holland, it seemed a natural step to have a large euro note.

When the Money Box team told me about the case of Mark from East Sussex, who received his €1,000 fee for a lecture in Croatia in just two banknotes, I investigated how travellers could be stumped by high-value notes. But the euro was quickly recognised as a global currency – and organised crime immediately recognised its potential for increasing the ease with which they could move cash around.

Exchanging low-denomination notes for high- denomination notes has historically been a favourite way of doing this.” British banks stopped supplying the €500 two years ago – the highest value you can legitimately buy is €200, worth about £160. What if you inadvertently find yourself with a €500 or two? You can’t buy a €500 here, nor break it into smaller-denomination euro notes, but you can exchange it for sterling at some places.

Most high-street banks will accept €500 notes from customers, on the basis that if there are any problems with the notes they know where you live. There are, however, a couple of conditions: you may well have to show your passport or driving licence, and you are likely to get a poor rate. A If you go to a big bank in a European city such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Vienna, you can ask to get a €500 or two changed, and – subject to security procedures – you will probably be successful.

But compared with the highest-value bill in the eurozone, it constitutes small change. The denomination was introduced because several nations that signed up for the euro had high-value notes and a strong dependence on cash.

The top of the currency tree in Europe is occupied by the €500 note, worth about £400. Germany had a 1,000 Deutschmark note, which was worth almost €500.

A common example shows why: you get a cab late at night, and hand over €50. Travellers like me took them in and lived like kings thanks to the king-sized cigarettes.

The driver gives you change from €20, and then claims that is what you gave him.

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