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One example is the hadith of Basrah bint Safwaan, who heard Muhammad say: "Whoever touches his private parts, let him do wudoo (washing)’." (Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Tahaarah, 154. However, there are also Sahih Hadith which mentions the performing of ablution is compulsory after the touching of the sexual organ. Qays], concerning the saying of Muhammad about the penis. ؛Ali said: "We were with the Apostle of God when a man, like a Bedouin, came to him and said: "Oh Apostle of God, what do you think about a man touching his penis after performing wudu?

The first and second of these reports are related to the oft-cited report, given on the authority of Talq b. " Muhammad said: "What is it but a piece of your flesh? " There is some disagreement about this report and as noted above, the strongest evidence for making ablution after touching one's penis comes from Basrah bint Safwaan's account of Muhammad saying "Whoever touches his genitals, let him do wudoo’." It is also reported that Muhammad said: One group of Salafi scholars and Shafi`i school says that oral sex is halal (permissible) because of the hadith in which he encouraged foreplay between spouses, and that these are naturally gratifying activities that will help them have a better marriage. Heba Kotb, Schools of thought (Madh'hab) such as Shafi'i and Hanbali consider fellatio as permissible but only as part of foreplay while all schools regard genital secretion as impure.

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Prominent Muslim scholars like Yusuf al-Qaradawi share this view.

At the same time, there is no mentioning of such act as a part of foreplay in Hadith although Islam stresses on the importance of foreplay, as kissing, touching and the like are explicitly mentioned in Hadith.

If a husband does have oral sex with his wife, and ejaculates semen, then ghusl is obligatory according to Islamic sexual hygienical jurisprudence; however, if he only releases Madhy (pre-ejaculatory fluids) then Wudu is only required, and the wife has to wash the Madhy away.

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The group of scholars who view oral-genital contact as permissible is mostly because there is no clear command in Hadith and Qur'an prohibiting such act.

Oral sex is definitely less sinful than intercourse before marriage, oral sex does not necessarily cause two people to become one as actual intercourse does.

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