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This is where all those nude pictures you’ve got saved in your secret photo vault could come in handy.

If you press the same button you did to take the photograph and keep it pressed down, you can take a video of up to 10 seconds.

Go on, go download the little yellow app right now and report back and try to tell us it isn't your favorite new addiction.

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So, you’re in a relationship and you’re totally in love, right?

Then your sweetie asks you to send a naked picture. Do you send it without even thinking twice, or do you hesitate a bit?

Pics can get out by accident, even if you trust the guy.

All it takes is a dropped phone or stolen computer or e-mail sent to the wrong person. While sending naked pictures can form a bond between you and your sweetie, there are serious risks that accompany it. Just have a chat with Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, and Scarlett Johannson.

leylaxx said: Technology is easily corrupted and not everything you send via text or email or Skype is secure.

More likely than not, if anything causes you issues it will be technology.

We opened Snapchat this morning and nearly dropped our phone in shock. To help get you started, you probably need a few interesting people to follow, right?

There she was, Niykee Heaton, completely topless—save for a few very-well-placed doughnuts. Lucky for you, we've rounded up all the sexy Snapchat users who make you glad that you have unlimited data, because you'll be glued to these girls' stories all day long.

So, answer this — is it really worth it on your behalf for a small, grainy picture of your boobs to go through all this stress and anxiety? Sending nudes is a risk, whether it’s to your husband of 10 years or the guy you met at the bar.

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