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So he went to air-force headquarters, snooped around, and discovered Shlomo Barak, an officer who spent his weekends flying remote-control airplanes.

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It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t an easier way to see what was happening a few hundred feet away.

On his drive home that evening, Brill couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be an easier way to gather intelligence over the canal.

Colonel Avraham Arnan, Brill’s direct superior, was focusing on one photograph. Before sending the agent to Egypt, Israel had pursued other avenues to gather intelligence on what Egypt was doing just over the canal.

One officer designed a special platform to mount on tanks so that intelligence officers could stand on them and peer over the 30-foot-high sand barriers the Egyptians had erected on their side of the Suez.

On a hot summer day, Arnan and Brill drove down to the IDF’s anti-aircraft training base in the Negev Desert, restricted one of the roads so it could serve as a runway, and even gave the anti-aircraft gunners a heads-up as to the direction from which the planes would be flying.

The plane took off and started circling over a patch of sand, and the gunners opened fire.

Brill was used to seeing classified intelligence, but this day was special.

The “agent” was one of the first Israeli spies to infiltrate Egypt successfully since the end of the Six-Day War a year earlier.

Brill didn’t know and, so, together with Barak, he compiled a list: three airplanes, six remote controls, five engines, a few spare tires, and propellers. Arnan approved the budget, and a member of Israel’s defense delegation in New York went to a Manhattan toy store, purchased the equipment, and sent it back to Israel in the embassy’s diplomatic pouch.

This way, no one would question why an Israeli was traveling with so many toy airplanes in his luggage.

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