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A major growing trend in CSE is sexual extortion, also known as sextortion, which, for the purpose of this document will be defined as coercion to extort sexual favours or images from a victim, usually by threatening to disseminate existing images of the victim if demands are not met.

By exposing their personal details online without proper precautions, either via social media platforms or by sharing sexualised self-produced images, children and adolescents create the possibility of being targeted as potential victims by online predators.

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In some jurisdictions it is sometimes considered that the minor who generated the picture and distributed it is guilty of producing and disseminating child abuse material [49].

It is worth highlighting that the scope of criminal activity is defined by the offender’s language skills.

In one notable case, a child sex offender coerced children to engage in sexual acts in front of webcams.

The offender would meet children on social media platforms and convice them to send him indecent images of themselves.

Child sex offenders use the Internet to meet like-minded individuals, to have access to a wider pool of children, to share resources and knowledge and to disseminate CAM.

According to the threat assessment from the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), when taking into account the overall demographics of child sexual exploitation online (CSEO) - including sexual extortion and grooming - girls, of white ethnicity, aged between 11 and 14, are the main victims [43].

The operation was led by the United Kingdom with the participation of EC3, US ICE, the Netherlands and Canada.

While most cases of sexual extortion seem to be initiated through an initial grooming process there is evidence of cases where the offenders have hacked into a victims’ personal computer or instigated them to download malicious software, compromising their computer and then scouring their social networks [47].

With such a large pool of children to choose from, offenders can scan their profiles in search of vulnerabilities, while engaging in virtual interactions to see which ones are more prone to falling for their lures.

Offenders usually focus on the children that respond favourably or remain engaged [46].

An offender’s modus operandi typically involves initiating contact with youngsters on social media platforms.

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