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Further, with adult companies even providing their employees with i Phones to promote this venture, this could take off. There’s apps for productivity, news, finance, work, school and so much more so it’s not so surprising that the Apple App store even has loads of sex-related apps for your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch.Remember this app is limited to Facebook members and you can’t call beyond your list in many countries.

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Outside oo Voo calling is also possible provided you pay something with better voice quality.

Download oo Voo for Android | Download oo Voo for i Phone Just like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts is also one of the popular chat messengers around for a longer period of time.

With much buzz towards the i Phone 4 Facetime feature being used for naughty video chatting, the company has definite concerns about its squeaky-clean image.

Being an optimal selling point to the new apple gadget, the i Phone 4 Facetime feature is a convenient way for friends and family to keep in touch.

Adult companies, however, are using this concept to their advantage.

Undeniably, using i Phone 4 Facetime to connect individuals looking for a "good time" is ultra convenient.Apart from personal users many professionals too, even today prefer Skype for their online meeting than any other app.We even see news channels using Skype for a direct and live interview as well.You’ve seen them in adult shops and have probably heard about them, but do you know how to use them. Well the Sex-Facts app provides hundreds of fun and interesting facts about sex that will entertain you for hours.The Guide to Sexy Toys helps your quest for sexy toy knowledge and includes toys for both men and women. Increase your sexual knowledge with the Sex Secrets app that’ll act like a wingman in your pocket! The free app allows you to email the facts to friends who you’d like to share them with, too. A.-based writer, who can't live without her Mac Book Pro.oo Voo allows the contact in your phone diary to chat directly but it also adds your Facebook friends list also.

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