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If so, then step in to the world of where dozens of hardcore and sadistic man hating Dominatrix’s are waiting to take out all their anger, frustration and hatred on the cock and balls of useless male subs.As a pathetic excuse for a male, there is no real reason you would need your balls and dick.

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Find out about What Mistress will make you do in a cam show right here select a live cam The most precious thing to any man is his cock and balls. Watch any guy for longer than two minutes and he will be fidgeting and checking them and playing with them.

Any time there is even the slightest chance that there could be any kind of harm coming his way, any males first instinct is to put his hands over his crotch to protect his junk.

Imagine your hapless package pulled, slapped and squeezed by a mean, humiliation-crazed mistress who knows you enjoy her rough nyloned touch just too much.

Bad boy punished You know you’ve done wrong, and now it’s punishment time.

Yes, a mans “bits” are most definitely what he treasures the most.

All well and good but for submissive males and slaves, the big problem for them is that their Mistress knows this.

When it comes to cock and ball torture and ballbusting they are in a league of their own.

The things they make you do can be terrifying but oh so exciting to subs and sissies.

I groaned as I did so with the pain but she simply shouted “TIGHTER” at me and I dutifully did as I was told. “More” So I slathered it on and waited while she sat smirking at me and I awaited the inevitable. I will use my feet and crush you That is just a small taste of what a live cbt webcam session can be like.

My cock ached but without pausing to draw breath, she told me to get a wooden spoon. There are so many different and inventive ways a Mistress can torture a male slaves most treasused possession that each session can be totally different from the last.

Dozens of strict, cold hearted bitches who will make you rub deep heat on your penis, whack your balls with a spatula, tie shoestrings tightly round your shaft or slam them in a door.

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