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While leaving some things enigmatic and up to the viewers to decide (many have already voiced their concerns regarding incest, which seem a bit too outrageous for this kind of film) is incredibly intriguing and help further propel the voyeuristic means of viewing the film, it also makes for maddening thoughts afterwards. As mentioned earlier, it feels like the story and just about everything else came second to the portrait he wanted to paint through Fassbender's canvas.

I can appreciate the film as it is, but it makes it hard to love it the way I thought I would.

Lucy Walters, who plays the woman on the subway train, also appears in Army Wives as Amy Sandberg. Seeing how far Brandon will go to satisfy and suppress himself is simply harrowing, not unlike films like Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream were with their characters' drug addictions.

There is a story at its very core, but the primary focus is always on Brandon, his addiction and what boundaries and limits it pushes him to.

Shame is more of a portrait of a man struggling with his inner demons than it is anything else.

Instead, couples produce a wealth of homemade porn, usually with the intent of sharing it online.

WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.

But for all of the shock and audacity, Mc Queen still managed to make a deeply troubled film that leaves a lot unsaid, and even more unresolved.

He does not give out simple answers for what causes Brandon's addiction, or even the reasoning behind the troubled and strained relationship between Brandon and Sissy. It all feels like it builds towards nothing outside of an unsatisfying and deludingly ambiguous climax.

The plot may not sound like much, because there really is not all that much to it storywise.

His estranged sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) has also just dropped by his apartment for an extended stay, making things all the worse.

He is a sex addict, and his addiction knows no bounds.

The titular Shame in question is what Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a posh yuppie living in New York City, must live with every day.

See more » Despite having never seen Steve Mc Queen's Hunger, the smouldering and sensational acclaim for Shame was simply unreal.

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