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We have seen too many boards and directors full of farmers who were self-denying in their competence in such positions, some of whom simply wanted to feel important when in reality they were impotent.

Mullers plan to change the directors by rotation over a three year period is excellent because, just like nappies, representatives all need changing regularly and sometimes for the same reason!

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Then, four months later, you order 20 tonnes and he only delivers 17 tonnes because hes not making any money from the 17 tonnes.

Thats a 15% variation to what you ordered on both occasions a similar variation to the average farmers additional output in three years!

As part of this ambition its producer communication is now focused on developing the best supply group relationship, having lost ground in 2016 following the acquisition of Dairy Crests liquid business.

It wants, it says, a mature and trusting relationship along the lines of the one the former Dairy Crest producers had with Dairy Crest Direct.

Its now down to Muller farmers to put the best candidates forward.

From now on theres no point standing on the sidelines throwing bricks if you supply Muller. The UK is the largest cheese importer in the world and 98% of our dairy imports come from the EU.The cornerstone will be electoral accountability, which is fundamental to dairy farmers as it gives them a say.Muller have listened to feedback from its first series of farmer meetings with its 1900 or so suppliers, and its now down to those farmers to elect 21 farmers to a forum who, in turn, will then elect seven to represent them on the board.The issue now is whether processors will attempt to reduce the price in reaction to falling cream, commodity and spot prices quicker than they put them up!(Thats assuming they are not on a contract which tracks the prices up, that is.There are milk processors, particularly on the liquid side, who gave numerous reasons as to why producer farm gate milk prices lagged behind the 2016 rapid increase in spot, commodity and cream prices.

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